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The storms that batter the countryside and the howling wind carrying messages are apt foils for the human passions that explode in this novel.

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This is because of the author's use of myth and legend in which the entire novel is submerged. The suspense that DiPego creates is not mysterious but psychological.


His style is as fast and wild as his story. DiPego's publishers caught a great big fish when they opted for the author's first novel. As they have said, so it unquestionably is that Gerald DiPego is a "masterful storvteller" of the best kind. A warm and absorbing story, this novel tells of Anna, who came to the United States from Poland as a young girl determined to better her life, somehow.

Orphaned at an early age, she and her two brothers were raised by good-hearted neighbors. She came to New York to live with a cousin in a crowded tenement, then got a job as a maid in a wealthy Jewish household. Anna fell deeply in love with the son of the family, Paul Werner, and their love is woven throughout the book although she marries another the faithful, hard-working Joseph.

Joseph never discovers that their second child, a daughter, is not his child but Paul's, although he becomes aware of a bond of some sort between Anna and Paul. The book covers three generations of the Friedman family who moved from New York's sweatshops to lavish suburban estates; from Nazi death camps to elegant ballrooms; from the riot-torn campuses of the s to the embattled kibbutzim of Israel.

It's a story of a family's rise from searing poverty to spectacular wealth and success Beautifully written, this book will stay in the reader's mind long after he has put it down. For all you murder-mystery fans who reside in and around Santa Cruz County, here is a novel that will appeal especially to you.

So how can you lose? Besides all the local connections, it's just a good entertaining tale, along the international-spy-secretweapon lines. It's about Dion Quince, who works for an organization called Univest and is an author on the side. One day, a school bus full of kids vanishes into thin air. Quince must find out what can make a school bus vanish and stop the killer from striking again. Also enjoyable are the recognizable black and white photos. And there are the usual doses of beautiful women, famous people, international, intrigue and military secrets. Here is the next in a series of the recent genre of novels about cosmic consciousness in various parts of the country.


But it is a fantasy Colorado we glimpse in Huth's first novel. It is a place where peccaries run wild through the streets, members of the counter-culture wear movie-usher trousers and rollerskating purse snatchers terrorize the citizenry. The tale is loosely centered around the rivalry between the Beautiful People of Ute City, which is kind of an adult Disneyland, and the laid-back Puckersville crowd.

But it is a wry comment on today's counter-culture and those who only play at being mystics. TRADE: 1. Warner B. A bright, up-to-date edition of the author's tribute to the popular breed is now at your favorite book or pet store.

trandepbacong.tk It features information on the selection, care and training of Basset puppies. A valuble chapter on Health and Care by Dr. Thomas Pettit covers the subject in layman's language. The book has been updated and expanded to reflect today's show scene. It is a springboard for new exhibitors. And there's information on the Basset in obedience competition. The pages have illustrations including show winners, Bassets afield and puppies.

Looking through the contents, all the well-known humorists are represented here, and, refreshingly, a lot of unknown humorists, too. Editor Harmon's taste runs from the mock-heroic to the irreverent satires, parodies and protests. Interesting collection to look over at your bookstore.

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Funeral services were held at Bethlehem church Monday afternoon, and the remains were interred in the old Pace burying ground. Deceased had long been a member of the Christian church, was a loving, dutiful wife, daughter and mother. Her early death is a source of regret to her many friends in Kentucky, and the bereaved husband and family have our deepest sympathy. Kate The Winchester Sun Tues.

Laura L. Lou The Winchester Sun Thur. Mahala The Winchester Sun Wed. Mary Kathleen. Matherly The Winchester Sun Tues. Millie The Winchester Sun Tues. Minerva Deaths. Minerva Pace, widow of the late James Pace, died Monday at her home in the eastern part of the county, aged 84 years and six months. Funeral services, conducted by Eld. Harding, were held at the residence Tuesday morning and the remains were buried in the family graveyard. Nannie A. Rosina Buried in Mt. Rosina Pace, widow of Joe Pace, died at the home of her nephew, Chas. Guy, of Belmont street, Tuesday night after a short illness of flux, aged eighty-six years.

The remains were taken to Mt. Sterling for burial, services at the grave being conducted by Eld. Vivian S.

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  6. Zach Mrs. Zach Pace is very ill of consumption and her death is expected at any time.

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    A daughter died of this dread disease a few weeks ago and another a little over a year ago. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, August 16, Pace, Murry Motion of Robert Scobee certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of Murry Pace decd.

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    About a year ago he buried another daughter about grown, and a year or two previous still another. His wife is in very delicate health. Consumption was the cause of death in each instance. Elkin at Elkin.