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Solo prepared piano II. Trio 9 tom-toms, pod rattle III. Trio 7 woodblocks, not Chinese IV. Solo prepared piano. This work is a comical rhythmic journey for body percussion that has a special lilt. Benson uses the eigh The title of Dissolve refers both to the literal definition of the term, a separation of an entity into its constituent parts, and to a cinemagraphic technique in which one im Glass Jungle is the first piece I wrote after moving to the upper-upper west side of Manhattan.

The title refers to the plethora of skyscrapers and apartment buildings combine The opening of this work has the whole ensemble playing siren whistles to set the criminal mood. Atenteben was composed by Bob Becker in The melodies in this piece are based on a few of the tunes played by the atenteben flute ensemble of Ghana. The patterns p The work is based on the "northern l Short Circuits by Lalo Davila is written for eight players but can be adapted easily for four players.

This piece was inspired by Jonathan Bendrick's Geometrics.

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As with Geome This is an arrangement on the classic Turkish March. The arrangement has sections of the classic tune paired with sections that feature a split melody and percussion accompani This is Cage's first composition using fixed rhythmic structures. The composer uses standard as well as many unc Diffusion Two, a snare drum quartet, was composed as a sequel to Daniel Adams marimba quintet Diffusion One. The term diffusion is derived from the Latin verb diffundere which Insomnia is a work for percussion quartet that utilizes many keyboard instruments in the quartet.

The undulating rhythms of this piece set an insistent mood that is fascinati The term "camaraderie" is defined as g The piece is built around a running D minor motive that is echoed around the keyboards and augmented throughout the piece It was written for particular wooden percussion instruments in the University Although it is base on East Indian drumming concepts it is non traditional but rather more in line This is the first composition in a series of percussion quartets from Warren Benson.

The second and third composition are no longer available. This piece features a limited Dietz utilizes a substantial amount of membranophones that are accentuated by the metallic instruments. Vic Firth's Encore in Jazz for percussion septet would be a great closing piece for a good high school level percussion ensemble. It features a drum set solo dance dr This percussion ensemble arrangement of The Miraculous Mandarin is based upon three movements of Bartok's original work.

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The Beginning - A challenging display of techni The Junior Percussion series has been conceived in practice for use in practice. The ensemble pieces published here are "cut to size" for music school students. Each volume in Intentions by Eugene Novotney is a Percussion ensemble Piece scored for a trio of players.

Instrumentation: 6 triangles pitched high to low , 3 tambourines each Whispers by David Skidmore for percussion ensemble. Instrumentation 9 players : glockenspiel, glass wind chimes, 2 wind gongs, bass drum, 2 octaves crotales, eleph Three by Three is a challenging trio for a beginning group of players. Number of Players: 3 Diff Extremes by David Mancini for percussion septet.

For solo marimba and percussion quartet.

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The marimba part can be played on either a 4. A perfect opportunity to feature an advanced high school or c Henry Bartlett has composed four different holidays for your percussion trio. All of the compositions take music associated with a specific holiday and recreate that special h Precision Percussion could be a valuable teaching tool for your percussion class.

All three parts have similar material on a different instrument. The educational possibiliti Purge is a balanced work for percussion ensemble that places equal emphasis on the solo vibraphone and the ensemble accompaniment. Number of Players: 7 Difficulty Interactions was composed in and commissioned by Paul Price.

The stereo setup with the vibraphone prominently in the center will give a visual and aural representation o Barnett takes Linea was composed in for piano duo, vibraphone and marimba. It is a substantial work that requires extreme musicality and musical awareness. This includes the score onl This piece features various types of flesh tones and spoken word effects. In this piece you will drum on your knee First Suite for Percussion is a great quintet for you percussion ensemble.

This three movement work relies on the timbres that each of the instruments adds to the ensemble. James Ancona's arrangement of Mercury from Holst's masterpiece "The Planets" re-creates the playful and rhythmic character of the original orchestration in the percussi Can't wait for the traditional Carmen? This piece is what you need. Instant Carmen! Many well know Carmen themes are tossed in this piece shook up and served for your audience Any combination of mallet instruments may be used to perform Donna Nobis Pacem.

The classic melody is treated in a standard theme and variation style in this arrangment. This arrangement of the Scherzo movement from the 9th symphony is very faithful to the original with the exception of the accessory percussion parts. Limitied four mallet know Andiamo is an Italian word meaning "to hurry or move.

This collection of works for keyboard percussion is designed to create quartet literature that would work in both "concert" setting as well as "church" settings weddings, hol This arrangement is true to the original while providing a challenging and enterta This piece is constructed in two movements, The Void and Shiva's Dance.

The Void creates a sense of intrigue that leads t Canticle No. Instrumentation: Player 1 - Tambourine, or sistrum; 2 woodblocks; 3 high bells Player 2 - Gourd rattle; This work features dominant rhythmic motives that are threaded through the piece in numerous ways. Several of the composer's rhythmic themes are d Marimba Heritage is an original composition by Mark Ford that honors the history of solo marimba literature. Motives from many well-known marimba solos are woven into t Palta was composed in and premiered the following year in Toronto by the Nexus ensemble.

Originally conceived as a concerto for the North Indian tabla with keyboard percu Nordic Peace by Tobias Brostrom is a percussion quartet that takes ideas from a drumset fill. One of the set-ups calls for a drum set without toms. The other set-up use Board Games is a work for thress percussionists playing on wooden boards while wearing metal tipped gloves.


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Notes on construction of the boards and gloves is included. Sections of dense rhythmic structures are contrasted by open sections that allow individual Latin Resume by Thomas L.

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Davis is a percussion ensemble piece scored for 5 players. This accessible work is an excellent way to introduce young players to the world of ensemb Eckhard Kopetzki's "Le Chant du Serpent", the song of the snake - is a powerful play on eight drums fills the room and makes it so resonant to the oversized body, the bearer Foot Stomps are indicated below the staff and should be performed with the Right Foot unless indicated. Each part may be played with as few or as many players as desire Coffee Break by Mark Ford is a unique piece written for four different sizes of paper coffee cups with lids and sleeves.

Music is everywhere and of course coffee has rhythm! This suite of short percussion pieces is intended for performance by both young percussion ensembles and general music classes.

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Each movement is scored for five players, howev Exploration of Time be Eckhard Kopetzki for six percussionists. Instrumentation: Player 1 Ellipsis : A mark or This piece contains a trio of snare drums which toss the flams, paradiddles, and rolls to each other as they run the music. Unlike a real race, where someone wins, this tag te Nine of Tony Cirone's best percussion ensembles have been re-engraved and compiled in this new collection.

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Set includes conductor's score and six individual player parts. Michael Roy has arranged a Brahms favorite for your beginning percussion ensemble. This arrangement relies heavily upon the non-pitched elements of your percussion ensemble Hoo-Daiko by Robert J. Damm is a percussion sextet that was inspired by traditional Japanese Taiko drumming.

This piece is based on typical rhythm patterns found in the Matsur Originally conceived and written by Clif Walker as a marimba solo with small ensemble accompaniment, Promise Music was later revised and expanded to seven, the Scavenger Music by Christopher Deane is an interesting quintet that requires the players to do some "scavenging" to find and create all of the necessary instruments.

The rhyth Echoes by David Skidmore is a two movement work that packs a big punch in a very compact setup of instruments. This mulit-percusssion work was the 2nd Prize winner of The Full Meda is all about groove and energy. Time is very important as the source for the energy, so be specific in keeping it. Set-up is most conducive to establishing groov Foreign object was composed in and is part of Bergamo's hospital suite.

This short piece leaves a lot of room for interpretations and embellishment. Sections are left op Four Stories manipulates that jazz ride feel through the course of the piece. Bayport Sketch by Jared Spears for percussion ensemble. This short selection for your percussion ensemble will be a crowd favorite.